Desktop studies & data visualisation

Apart from our field-based techniques, Fender provides additional support services to assist our clients. We have a long history of working with companies ranging from multinationals to small exploration companies and consultancies. Given that a number of our clients are from comparatively small operations, we provide a range of ancillary services can assist them reaching their project goals.

Geological and geophysical desktop studies

Desktop studies can be a cost-effective tool for reducing risk in mineral exploration and site investigation. Fender Geophysics can provide comprehensive services with:

  • Reviews of existing geological and geophysical data prior to initiating geotechnical site investigations
  • Reviews of existing geological and geophysical data prior to initiating mineral exploration program
  • Data compilation, validation, and integration
  • Reviewing and reprocessing of historical data

Reprocessing of historical geophysical datasets

Reprocessing of existing geophysical data is an exploration technique that is rarely considered. Fender staff have led several projects reanalysing historical resistivity and IP datasets, sometimes even digitising data off paper cross sections. This historical data can provide real insights into underlying geology that can guide future geophysical surveying, drilling, and sampling programs as well as reducing risk and expenditure.

GIS and 3D visualisation services

Fender staff routinely use GIS and 3D visualisation techniques in their data analysis and presentation. We can also assist clients with:

  • Field-based GIS data acquisition
  • Digitising of historical data from maps and other sources
  • 3D visualisation of drill, well, profile data and geophysics
  • Development of GIS products to aid survey planning and exploration
  • Mapping services using RTK GPS