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Linkedin 11/8/21

 Looks like Christmas has come early at Fender Geophysics. We have got our hands some 32 Channel GDD IP/Resistivity receivers and transmitters. Looking forward to using these on some upcoming groundwater and geotechnical projects.

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Linkedin 30/9/21

Fender Geophysics recently undertook IP and MT surveys for Dart Mining. These surveys have identified a number of IP chargeability anomalies that will be targeted for future drilling. We wish them luck with their drilling and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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Linkedin 10/6/21

IP crew laying cable and prepping pits in central NSW.


LINKEDIN 22/9/21

Fender Geophysics undertook a Dipole-Dipole Induced Polarisation survey for Legacy Minerals earlier this year. This data has helped identify a number targets in close proximity to historical high-grade gold mineralisation in the Harden area.

#mineralexploration  #goldexploration #geophysics

Linkedin 10/6/21

Fender Geophysics is now a proud owner of an Olympus Vanta pXRF unit. Looks like it will be out in the field as early as next week. We are always keen to discuss/develop projects and collaborations using this system.

#olympus #xrf #mineralexploration #contaminants

Linkedin 1/9/21

 Fender Geophysics has been very active in the field this year. As part of this work, we have undertaken multiple surveys in and around quarries in NSW. Quarry owners have approached us to apply geophysical techniques to help them map the extent and depth of resources adjacent to their existing quarry sites. This assists quarry owners with calculating volumes of resources, cost of extraction and quarry planning. It has been great to be able to spend the time out in regional NSW and developing these new collaborations.

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