Seismic methods measure the characteristics of acoustics waves to understand the structure and properties of rocks and soils. Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) and seismic refraction are two techniques that are commonly used for geotechnical studies. MASW is useful to assess soil stiffness and subsequently the load bearing capacity of soils. Refraction identifies geological structures by analysing seismic waves that refract along subsurface geological boundaries. MASW and refraction seismic can be acquired simultaneously.  

Seismic surveys are commonly used for:

  • Mapping Depth to bedrock
  • Identifying faults in bedrock
  • Assessing soil characteristics such as ‘stiffness’
  • Extrapolating observations from boreholes
  • Mapping of bedrock channels for groundwater
  • Delineation of geological boundaries


• Geometrics Geode Seismograph