Ground Magnetics

Fender Geophysics has years of experience applying ground magnetic surveys to a range of projects in varying environments from large mineral exploration surveys to the detection of buried metal objects such as steel drums and tanks. Magnetic surveys form and integral part of the exploration program. It is a cost-effective means of covering large areas and attaining very useful geological mapping information as well as detecting magnetic minerals that maybe associated with ore deposits such as magnetite or pyrrhotite.
Within mineral exploration it is useful at identifying the following:
• Structure and deposits beneath cover
• Ore deposit detection
• Geological boundaries
• Alteration zones
• Faults, fractures and shear zones

Ground magnetics is a tool that is also frequently employed in environmental and groundwater studies. Magnetic methods allow the identification of structures such as:

• identifying underground storage tanks or drums
• identifying geological faults, fractures that may contain groundwater
• mapping the extent of archaeological sites and landfills
• mapping metallic objects within soils and concrete

Fender specialises in utilising caesium vapour magnetometers with its high degree of precision to suit your survey requirements.


• Geometrics 859 Cesium Vapor Magnetometer with 856 Proton Precession Base Station