The Brief
Moving Loop and Downhole EM Surveys verify targets for Aeris and confirms Constellation Deposit

Mineral Exploration

Electromagnetics and Downhole Electromagnetics

Fender Geophysics undertook a Moving Loop Electromagnetics (MLEM) survey for Aeris Resources between 13/10/2020 and 30/10/2020. Subsequent DHEM was also completed between 1/12/2020 and 7/12/2020. The survey area is located on the junction of Aeris’ exploration tenements EL8987, EL8084, and EL6126., approx. 60km north-north-west of Nyngan in central New South Wales. The purpose of the surveys were to obtain more details data on possible mineralised zones that has been identified in an earlier Airborne EM survey.

Client Requirement
The Moving Loop EM survey comprised 5 E-W oriented receiver lines of 800 or 900m length. The 200m x 200m transmitter loop was offset to the east by 200m (loop centre). Conditions on site were favourable with mostly flat and open terrain and easy vehicle access. The success of the MLEM led to a follow up survey of down hole EM (DHEM) at 6 drill sites with measurements take every 10m (5m within target zones)


  • Completion of ground-based electromagnetic (MLEM) surveying over each priority airborne EM anomaly confirmed the presence of the Constellation deposit (previously known as Anomaly K)
  • The MLEM survey verified the EM response represented a legitimate bedrock conductor and identified two separate bedrock conductors. An initial drill program was designed based on the modelled EM plates. The first drill hole (TAKD001) intersected massive sulphides. 19.95m @ 2.41% Cu, 0.64g/t Au, 4.6g/t Au.
  • The follow up DHEM survey identified two large (75m x 350m) moderate to strong conductance (1,500S to 2,000S) EM plates which extend approximately 300m further down plunge from the two targets identified from the MLEM survey.