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Aurelia Metals – Peter Smith

Just wanted to let you know we had an email from one of our landholders a few days ago commending the field crew on their professionalism and positive attitude with the proficient manner in which they work and their politeness towards the landholder.

Thank you for once again providing us with a professional and polite team of field staff.  This often goes unnoticed and was nice to hear this feedback from one of our ...

Consultant – Scott Franco

Hi Guys, just wanted to thank and commend you on your crew’s performance to date. Golden, Craig and Justin are a pleasure to work with and have exhibited exemplary professionalism both on and off the job. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I don’t often take time to commend but your guys have earned it.

Alan, I also appreciate your quick daily data plot return, it really assists with planning. I hope you occasionally get ...

Evolution Mining – Ben Spence

Hi Alan and Andrew,

Just a short note to pass on my thanks for the IP crew’s great work at Cracow.

 As per our first IP program at Boughyard in 2018, the crew’s work, commitment to safety, quality communication and professionalism in all interactions (both with EVN and the landowner reps) was first class. It’s not an easy bit of country, and the relationship with the landholder has been difficult on occasions, so it’s a ...

Ranger Resources – Pat Williams

The team from Fender have completed 2 separate IP programs for us over the last 3 years. The programs have spanned the 3 to 5 week duration each. On both occasions we experience the same high level of service and attention.

The manner in which the field and office teams within Fender interact provides a reliable and complete and high-quality service offering. The field teams adjust seamlessly into the client statutory systems and ...

Dart Mining – James Chirnside

The IP and MT geophysical survey interpretation from Granite Flat has identified several significant Cu-Au targets which are now our primary focus for further drilling. The interpretation and revelations within the data are possibly the company’s most significant results to date, and we are very encouraged by them - in fact we could have scarcely asked for more.

We now need to accelerate our exploration program at Granite Flat and ...

Kalo Gold – Fred Tejada

We are very excited about the results from the IP survey, indicating that the Qiriyaga Zone has the potential to be a large system, and the Qiriyaga Hill Deposit could be just the tip of the iceberg. Multiple large high priority targets have been identified from the IP survey and the vast majority have never been drill tested or they occur beyond the limits of historical drilling

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Dipole-Dipole Induced Polarisation survey finds gold prospects

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