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Fender Geophysics is an established Australian-owned geophysical consulting firm. We provide consulting expertise and the full range of deep penetrating and near-surface geophysical survey techniques to the construction, mining, groundwater and environmental sectors.

We provide investigative solutions to a wide range of geophysical survey requirements. Our suite of techniques covers all client needs from being able to measure near-surface soil salinity; locating buried infrastructure a few metres below the surface; to identifying rock, soil, and groundwater distributions to tens of metres depth.

In addition to our near-surface investigations we have significant experience in mineral exploration and mining-related geophysical surveys. A core strength is our ability to undertake all forms of geophysical survey in nearly all environments. We have worked all over Australia, including urban and the most remote areas. We have undertaken projects in Fiji, Peru, Papua New Guinea and Russia.

Our multi-disciplinary capability and expertise across deep and near-surface geophysics gives us the ability to resolve all survey challenges. Our team of highly qualified professionals is able to mobilise multiple techniques to solve every investigation need to fully satisfy our clients.

Andrew Sloot (BSc)

“I founded Fender Geophysics in 2008 with a clear objective to become the premier geophysical service provider in the industry. My aim has always been to develop a collegiate team culture that is committed to delivering geophysical services at the highest industry standard; to using the best technology; and to providing high quality data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our highly professional and qualified team provides confidence to our clients that we will provide the best solution for them. I have built a team that are highly experienced and well-qualified industry veterans supported by the best field-tested graduates. Many of the team members are experts in different methodologies giving us the ability to undertake all forms of geophysical survey in nearly all environments and to develop a wide range of survey solutions that we can tailor to all investigations.

We have been growing steadily which is a testament to the skills and commitment of the team. We judge our success by our growth and on the high levels of client satisfaction we receive. The level of satisfaction is clear from the highly complementary feedback we receive from the clients and consultants who engage us and the industry groups we work with.

Our professional team provides comfort and confidence to our clients that we will deliver the solutions they require.”

A professional team that guarantees solutions

Providing a professional team

The Fender team is made up of highly qualified and experienced geophysicists. Many of them are leaders in their fields and have been recruited for their ability to provide our clients with the highest level of expertise and their ability to work effectively in the field.

Our team members have knowledge and experience over the full range of survey techniques—with each providing complementary skills. Our teams are highly professional and deliver their projects efficiently, safely, and sustainably. We have a strong safety culture which is maintained by a rigorous training and induction program (GGSSA accredited) using industry standard policies and procedures.

We also are adept at maintaining stakeholder relations, particularly with landholders and Indigenous people.

Guaranteeing innovative solutions

Fender offers the full range of deep penetrating and near-surface geophysical survey techniques which includes resistivity surveys, electromagnetic surveys, microgravity, ground magnetic surveys, seismic, magnetotelluric, portable x-ray fluorescence, and ground penetrating radar. Our understanding of the full range of techniques allows us to adjust our solutions to the needs of our clients and to meet all challenges.

This multi-disciplined capability—being able to apply the full suite of techniques to a problem combined with our knowledge and experience across all the techniques—enables us to create innovative solutions. Our ability to create innovative solutions guarantees that our clients get the quality of information they need to answer their questions.

Delivering client satisfaction

Since our establishment, Fender has gained new clients because of our passion for the science; our high-level of professionalism; our culture and hands-on approach; and our strong desire to provide high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our objective is to provide our clients with quality information and reporting that meets their needs and gives them the answers they are looking for. We tailor our services to respond effectively to our clients’ goals across different requirements in all geological environments.

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